Thursday, January 31, 2013

How rude.

With all of the wonderful and beautiful things in Barcelona.. There too, are the not so beautiful things. Or.. to say it honestly.. The things that really suck (and make me angry)

1.) No dryers. Yep. Dryers as in the things we Americans use to make our clothes smell nice, clean, and FRESH. In Spain, these things are not common.  I have lived in two places and neither place has had one. Instead, you have to very carefully drag all of your clothes outside and hang them with clothespins on the line. Doesn't sound that bad as I sit here and type it but trust me having clothes that NEVER smell fresh and that have to be put out on the line for atleast 24hours before you can wear them again gets old.  Quick.  

2.) Staring. Honestly, I never understood why when I was younger my mom drilled it in my head "not to stare" and "staring is impolite"... Now.. I thank her (more than she knows) for teaching me this lesson. People here are very unfortunate to have never received that lesson. I really don't know what it is but people stare like there is no tomorrow. There is never a time I get on the metro (I use the metro daily) where I am not stared at.  And.. It's not just me. Obviously being a blonde haired girl gives me a little more of a target to be stared at but I have had multiple different conversations with people who live here and agree that it is an issue.  Not sure of the reason but I am sure that it makes me angry.

3.) Pretend you accidentally bump into someone in the check out line at the grocery store.. What would be a normal thing to say.. "Excuse me!" Or "opps sorry!" Something along those lines. Not here in Barcelona. Not even in Spanish or Catalan do they have something similar they say when they run into you or when they need to get by you in a clothes store. I have literally been shoved in malls with no simple "pardon!" (Equivalent to sorry).  If a Spaniard needs to get by you... They do. Without any words.  How rude.

4.) I would say on average.. 8 times out of 10 when you sneeze in public in the states.. Someone around you will say bless you. Here.. There is no such thing. I have sneezed millions of times on the bus, metro, or in the mall and never ever received a simple "bless you" (or anything even in Spanish, for that matter). It's common courtesy right?

I personally do not like to be negative but these are just a few things that I have been very negative about considering I believe they are just downright rude (and also for you to be aware of if you ever plan on visiting barcelona in the near future).  

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