Thursday, January 31, 2013

I miss Publix.

Getting used to grocery shopping in a new country is something that I'm sure many people around the world face.  There are barely any brands that are sold both here and in the states (the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Pringles) so it has taken a lot of experimenting to find things that I like to eat.  I'm pretty sure I have eaten my body weight in hummus.  It was the one thing that was spelled the same and looked the same that I knew for sure I would like.  Therefore, I eat it like its going out of style.  I also discovered this...

Looks sketchy but tastes amazing.  It is pineapple/coconut flavored yogurt to drink.  Great for a mid afternoon snack or even better used on cornflakes instead of milk for a tasty breakfast treat :) 

Walking through any 'supermercado' in Barcelona, you will notice that soy milk and eggs are not in a refrigerator.  They are both sitting right on the shelf nowhere near the cold isles.  Very strange and I was skeptical to actually purchase any soy milk until my roommate, Lucy introduced me. Now I am obsessed.  

Another not-so-normal-to-an-American thing I have experienced is having to weigh out your own fruit and veggies otherwise the cashier will not allow you to buy them.  It was really weird to get used to at first but shortly became habit.  

Also, don't forget to bring your recyclable bags with you.. if not they charge anywhere from 2 to 5 cents PER BAG to carry your groceries home in! 

If you are ever planning on visiting Barcelona.. Make sure to stop in a Mercadona.. They are the best grocery stores here, however.. For those of you from Florida or familiar with Publix.. They don't compare.  I sure do miss my Boars head Publix sub I used to eat atleast once a week.

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