Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A picture perfect weekend

All because my favorite DJ was djing in a town an hour away from Barcelona.. I got to experience one of my favorite weekends yet. Carles knew a town that was close enough for us to still go to see my favorite DJ-- Steve Aoki, yet was on the beach with amazing views, castles, restaurants, and beaches and would be perfect for a weekend getaway and a nice change of scenery from Barcelona. If you ever have the chance I HIGHLY recommend visiting a small village called Tossa de Mar. You won't be disappointed. 
The castle is located on the left of this picture which winds around the hill and at the top is a lighthouse with spectacular views of the city and the sea. 
A night view of the city from the castle.
So calm and peaceful.
Small little restaurants line the beach offering amazing Catalan cuisine and paella.
Another view from the castle looking at the other side of the city..
The balcony of our hotel room was so cute and so Spanish..
And also had a cute little patio area where we enjoyed our breakfast each morning!
Our first night we stopped in a random pizza place for some sangria, pizza, and salad which ended up being the most cozy and adorable place ever. We actually referred to our waitress (not to her face) as our "mom" as she took good care of us and filled our bellies with a delicious Catalan meal the first night. 
We even went back to "mom's house" the next day to ask her advice for where the best place in the city to get paella was. 
Saturday at the beach was chilly but we captured every amazing view we could and enjoyed EVERY second of it-- minus not being able to get any sun. 
Breathtaking beaches that reminded me of pictures I only see on Pinterest...

BIG smiles :)
Our next stop on Saturday was a restaurant Carles was recommended for a very famous Catalan meat dish where they serve it to you while it is still raw on this special stone and it continues cooking in front of you. Very cool and VERY tasty!
Saturday night was Aoki's show where we met 2 of Carles' friends from his home town as well for an amazing night full of dancing, smiling, and laughing! 
Much to our surprise..Sunday was BEAUTIFUL weather! 
We spent the day laying on the beach and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.
We went for paella and sangria for our last lunch..

And went up to the lighthouse one more time to soak in the beautiful views..
All in all- it was a perfect weekend that I never want to forget! 


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