Thursday, May 23, 2013


About a month ago now.. (I'm so sorry Mom, I promise to do better with my blogging!) our apartment was broken into. I had a few guy friends in town from the states and so obviously we were taking them out and showing them the town. It was Friday night and we were all hanging out at our apartment having a few drinks listening to my roommate Lucy's iPod on her speaker dock in the living room. We left around 1 (AM that is..Spain time is crazy) to go to the club. After about 4 hours of dancing we headed home. My newest roommate Adele had placed her phone in Lucy's room between two books and was complaining when we got home that it was not there anymore. We all told her to not worry it was maybe just the alcohol hindering her ability to find it. Sure enough we woke up in the morning searching for the phone and still couldn't find it. Then I noticed my sunglasses from the dining room table were gone. That's weird. I must have put them away but I don't remember that at all. Shortly after looking around for Adele's phone, Carles mentions.. "Well you have everything, right Jamie?" "Yes of course! Well wait actually let me look..."
You can only imagine the things that came out of my mouth and the tears that started to fall at this point. My computer with all of my 30,000 pictures from both my highschool and college careers..gone. Along with every paper I ever wrote as well as the millions of detailed, extensive lesson plans I wrote for my internships and my 2 year long early childhood education program. Along with that they took my digital camera, my random pair of brand new 5 euro sunglasses, Lucy's 2 iPods and speaker dock, Adele's iPhone, and Carles' sunglasses, GPS, and oddly enough his authentic barca jersy.  It was a very sad day and even week after this occurred.  I was scared to sleep in my room alone and woke up millions of times gasping thinking someone was in there reaching for me.  I was sad that all of my amazing pictures and memories were all taken from me and I felt extremely violated and uncomfortable in my own home (which up until this point was the coziest, nicest home I've had since I have been in Europe). 
Amongst my sadness and violated feelings I was having for the following weeks.. I suddenly had a very strong intense feeling of luckiness. I am so lucky. I am beyond lucky in so many ways. I have a very happy and HEALTHY family. I have the cutest and smartest niece and nephew. I am living a dream that I have had since I was a young girl. I have a job. I am healthy. I have amazingly wonderful, thoughtful, genuine, and generous best friends. I have my mom and dad. I have a place to sleep every night.I have been traveling the world for the past 7months on my own. Some people have to spend their lifetime without a parent, a sister, a friend. I just have to spend mine now without a computer. I can buy a new one. More pictures can be taken. I am lucky that I have been blessed with the best family in the world and I don't have to spend my life without any of them. A computer, a digital camera, and pictures are replaceable.. My family, friends, and loved ones ARE NOT. So thank you to the robber of my flat.. For bringing this to my attention.. I am the luckiest girl alive. 

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