Friday, June 7, 2013

Surprise trip to the zoo

Carles is the best at planning things. He always has something up his sleeve and this past weekend it was a surprise trip on Saturday... To the Barcelona Zoo! Because he is my Spanish teacher (an amazing one at that!) he told me that "like all teachers do with their students.. They take them on field trips!" So my field trip last weekend was to the zoo to learn animal vocabulary in Spanish as well as normal conversation as we spent the day together.. Only speaking in Spanish! 
This crazy girl had so much personality! She literally stood there right at the fence for about 15 minutes posing for us.. Smiling, batting her eyelashes, and then started doing a weird thing with her neck! We were amused to say the least!
Hangin with our new friend..
Checkin out the zebras!
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
Crazy gators.
These BEAUTIFUL peacocks were everywhere!
They look fake almost!
Posing with the peacock :)
(I was trying to take a picture of the bird that we were looking at but accidentally had the camera turned around...we look like little children on Christmas morning )
We got to see an amazing dolphin show! It was all in Spanish so it was my "exam" for the day.. I didn't fail.. But I definitely didn't pass ;)
Saying hello to the giraffes.
It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place! 
Safe to say that out of all the field trips I've been on in my 20 or so years of schooling... This field trip was one of my favorites! 

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