Monday, August 5, 2013


I am very sorry for the lack of blog posts lately.. it has been a crazy whirlwind of a few months over here! I can not believe it is already August 5th and summer is already coming to an end. Seriously... TIME FLIES.  I am going to do a mini list of all the major things I need to blog about that way I am holding myself accountable to then writing and adding pictures about them VERY soon.  

-3 different weekend trips with Carlos 
-Kristen´s (my very best friend from college) arrival to BARCELONA! To live, travel, stay with me for 2 months!
-Pamplona (the running of the bulls, which we missed)
-Ibiza trip 
-Valencia trip with Kristen and Carlos
-Kristen and I´s ¨twincation¨ to the South of France

I have been very busy traveling, entertaining, and also working up until the last week of July.  Now I am back in Barcelona until this Wednesday in which I will leave for another mini trip around Europe with Carlos, Kristen, and her boyfriend Jake who arrived in Barcelona from the States last week.  We are off to Italy- Florence, Milan, and Venice and then Germany to check out Berlin.  After that we will come back to Barcelona for a few days and then August 20th Carlos and I are off to the Canary Islands for 7 days and Kristen and Jake will head back to the States.  It will be a very busy month so don´t expect alot from my blog but keep checking up with my Facebook and Instagram as I will try to add lots of pictures from my trips!  :)

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