Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Things I can NOT wait to do when I return home almost 24 hours; give my momma and grandma the biggest hugs in the world as soon as I see them standing outside my gate, lay in my big, comfy, & warm bed, play with Max's hair after giving her 5000 kisses, squeeze Cole after tickling and hugging him for 5 minutes, have a sleepover with my sister, sit in the drivers seat of my car, see Maggie running into the driveway (or rather into my mom's car pretty much) when we pull into my house, hear people in the streets speaking my language, drink a smoothie from an actual smoothie store, go to Miami and see Kristen and Katie's apartment, spend 2 hours at target, lay on Lindsey's couch and watch scary movies and talk for hours, see all of my friends and family at my bonfire, not have to hide my iPad and money in my room before I leave my apartment every single day (stupid robbers!), see Kaila's apartment and hear about her and her daughter's lives, meet baby Addyson and give Sarah (and the rest of the Wooley family) big hugs, devour a Firehouse number 4 Italian with everything minus mustard plus honey mustard sub, use dollars, be in the same time zone as my family and friends, go on shopping day dates with my momma, eat steak out, have a beer with John and Mal, see Abby and convince her to move home, walk around outside and not have to worry about being pickpocketed, see Laura and her adorable children, show Carlos my country, my city, my culture, my language, and my life, be able to use my phone at any given second, live with my grandma and NOT with 3 other girls, not have to pay to go to the bathroom in public places, get voicemails, babysit and spend every single second I can with Cole and Maxine, celebrate my mom's birthday with her, hear about my day's new and coming business plans, see meme and sissy, eat a big Thanksgiving meal, be with my family for Christmas, have dinner at Olive Garden, get a new iPhone, do all my shopping in ONE STORE (aka Walmart or Target), and spend every single waking second with the ones I love most and have not been able to for the past year of my life. 

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