Friday, December 19, 2014

Cole and Maxine

If you know my niece and nephew you know they are a perfect mix of sweet, carefree, sassy, gentle, intelligent, thoughtful, opinionated, sensitive, creative, funny, and OH SO adorable.  I have told my sister this many times before.. But I hope that I will one day have kids as awesome as hers AND hope I can be as awesome of a mom as she is.  

Being on the other side of the world from your niece and nephew sucks.  Adults and teenagers even understand why you are leaving, what are you are doing, etc.. But explaining to your 3 and 7 year old niece and nephew why you're moving to a different country doesn't really work.  That's why every waking second I got to spend with them this summer and before I left was AMAZING. And by amazing I mean perfect.  I got to really get to know them, watch them grow, play with them, take them places, have sleepovers, see them WEEKLY, spend summer days planning different activities, and most of all just have them in my presence.  

On the other hand.. Now that I'm away again it is back to having to miss the small things.. Which in my opinion, are the things that mean the most.  For example last year I got to go to Cole's kindergarten (super freaking adorable) Christmas play/concert.  I literally bawled my eyes out (am I my mothers daughter or what?) but it was wonderful.  These are the things I hate having to miss out on but have to focus on the plays, games, sleepovers, and birthday parties I will get to go to in the future.  {Side note: when I told Cole I cried during his show because that's how much I loved it.. He looked and me and said "seriously Jay Jay" which just so happens to be his new phrase because he's getting into that youareembarrasingmepleasestop phase and likes to say that to me often when I am being silly... When did he get so old?!} 

Here are some of my favorite pictures that we took this summer/the past few months that I would like to share. They are the cutest kids on the planet! Love you Cole and Max! 

Probably one of my favorite pictures of them ever!!!! This was at the Shrine little splash pad this past August.

Run! Before the water gets ya!

They love their "Na" like crazy!

At one of our sleepovers this summer, Max decided she was going to fall asleep on me not next to me.. Which was totally fine by me because I will take any extra cuddles I can get! 

Sometimes.. You can catch them being SUPER sweet and loving on eachother! It seriously makes my heart so happy! 

Being her silly self!

Good times at Chucke Cheese!

Lots of summer mornings spent at the Millstadt Playground...

Love this sweet, handsome, and smart boy so so much!

She is one determined little lady.  She knows what she wants and has a pretty good idea of how to get it! :) I can't wait to see what life has in store for this girl. 

Cole and I ready for the selfie.. Little miss
Attitude; not so much. 

I love this picture of Cole.  I also LOVE the memories we made this day.  We went to the Magic House in St. Louis which is SO much fun! It is massive and has so much to offer for children of all ages.  We literally spent all day there and didn't even get to see every single exhibit or part of the house.  I highly recommend it, especially for kids this age! 

Cole for President!

We spent atleast 30 minutes at this section of the Magic House.. So fun!

Another trip.. This time to the Science Center in St. Louis to go to the IMAX and see the Lemurs! We loved it! 

My cute little date to my cousin Brittany's wedding in August! 

Love that smile!

One of her all time favorite things to do.. Walk Maggie.. Doesn't get much cuter than this :)


Max trying to creep into our pic :)

Nap time in my room with Max is one of my favorite things. Why? Because she does anything in her power to try to not fall asleep.. Which includes; talking about any and EVERYTHING, playing with my hair, asking me a million questions, watching Katy Perry music videos.. Etc etc. and then it always ends up with some cuddles when she finally knocks out. 

My girl

Halloween 2014.. Elsa & Batman 

Happy Weekend folks! Xoxo

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