Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday :)

About a month ago, I got some amazing news.. One of my longest and best friends Sarah, got engaged.  I couldn't be happier for her, her soon to be husband; Austin, and their adorable daughter Addyson!  Let me give you a little background on Sarah and I. 

When I moved to Millstadt in 6th grade, we instantly became attached at the hip.  We seriously did not do anything without eachother.  Weekends were spent at eachothers houses; swimming in her lake, making her sister drive us around & take us to the mall, talking on AOL instant messenger (hence her nickname for life from me- Sasparilla169), watching scary movies with her mom while she scratched our arms & backs, jumping on the trampoline at my house, writing in our secret books, making up dances & songs, playing snood, braiding eachothers hair, and just about anything else you could imagine two twelve year old girls doing.  

Our 8th grade graduation :)

Aeropostle shirts, pig tail buns, & braces.. Need I say more? 

Our 8th grade trip in NYC!

Vacationing in Tennessee with her family. 

Once we grew out the choker necklaces and ribbon in our buns, we still remained close but didn't have to be at eachothers side 24/7.  Sarah is one of those best friends that you don't have to speak to everyday or every week but when you are together it is like you are back to where you first started.. Not missing a single beat.  

One of my favorite nights with Sarah was definitely the night me, her, Austin, and Carles went out when Carles was visiting for Christmas last year.  Obviously Carles and Austin had never met prior to this, but they instantly became friends and the entire night was spent laughing, telling stories, comparing countries, and talking about our next outing together.  

Instant best friends :) 

When Addy was just a tiny baby :)

About a week ago I woke up to the most adorable picture ever on my Facebook wall...

Seriously.. It doesn't get any cuter than this!!!!!!!!!!! Like I told Sarah, no distance could ever keep me from standing by her side on one of the most important days of her life.  I am so honored and can not wait to see my Sasparilla169 make the most beautiful bride ever!  

With over 14 years of friendship under our belts (wow we are getting old) I can not wait to see what the next 14+ bring us!  Thanks for being such a huge part of my life, Sar!  I don't know what I would do without you.  And I know Mar is looking down on you right now with the biggest smile on her face.  You have made her so proud!  

Let the wedding planning and 
countdown begin!!!!!!!! 

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