Sunday, February 22, 2015

A list of happy

-- coming home to a warm, clean, apartment and pouring two big glasses of red wine rioja for Carles and I on Friday night

-- reconnecting with old friends

-- cafe con leches

-- receiving texts from my dad, especially on Valentine's day... telling me he misses me

-- having the dishes cleaned and put away

-- being able to facetime for longer than 5 minutes with my mom and grandma

-- really being able to tell that my students are improving

-- being able to understand what the lady standing next to me on the metro is saying in Spanish

-- laying in bed with a cup of tea reading my favorite travel blogs and dreaming about mine becoming famous one day (yeah... right)

-- coming home to a bag from a clothes shop sitting on my pillow with a shirt or sweater inside that Carles bought me at the mall earlier that day because he "thought it would look cute on me"  

-- getting to see & spend time with my second family here.. Carles' mom, dad, and brother make me feel like I am seriously one of their own even though we are so very different, speak different languages, have different traditions, and have trouble understanding each other... I wouldn't have it any other way.

-- when I find a random, adorable park in the middle of the city on a Thursday afternoon 

-- my job

-- knowing Carles and I have a bright and adventurous future ahead of us

-- receiving a voice note from my Grandma in the morning of her saying "LOVE YOU TO THE MAX!"

-- looking at old pictures

What makes you happy? 


  1. Your blogs make me happy!
    -Sunday naps
    -the feeling after I got a good workout for the first time in a long time
    -a movie in the basement with my peeps
    -Friday night dinner with the family, and margaritas!
    -a cozy house when the temps are brutally cold
    -having so much LOVE in my life!

    1. I LOVE all of these things! And the feeling after a good workout.. THE BEST feeling ever! Miss having margs and wild blues with you! love love love you