Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's calçot season!!!

You may be wondering "what on earth is a calçot?"

A calçot (pronounced cal-zot) is a type of Catalan onion that is roasted in a fire and then eaten (as an appetizer) with delicious romesco (a red pepper and nut- usually almond- based) sauce accompanied by pan con tomate and of course some red wine!  They may not sound like the most appetizing food in the world but I promise, they are so delicious!!! And not to mention a very famous Catalan tradition that you can not miss out on if/when you visit Catalunya.  

Right now is peak season for calçots which means you can visit certain restaurants in the moutains, small "farmhouse" places, or some villages even have a "calçot festival" for you to experience the true Catalan tradition of eating calçots.  

My very first time eating calçots (last time I was here in Spain) was in a village of Barcelona called Poblenou where you actually had to show you were a resident of Barcelona and if not you had to pay big bucks.  Luckily, Carles got us in for free.

The best part of this whole tradition... You have to wear a bib! 

As you can see in the picture they are long and skinny which means you have to first pull off the outer layer of skin that was roasted in the fire, then dip it (graciously) in the yummy sauce, hold it above your mouth.. And enjoy! 

My mom and grandma came to visit me last time I was here and thankfully it was also calçot season so they too, have had the awesome experience! 

Naturals :)

Three weekends ago, Carles' brother had an indoor hockey championship game in a nearby city, Terressa.  It was an exciting and very close game and in the shootout, we won!  Aleix even scored a goal!! To celebrate,  Carles' parents took us out the cutest farmhouse in the middle of the mountains to eat calçots! 

Pulling up to the restaurant.. If you look hard you can see the "Can Cladelles" sign pinned to the tree.  

This is the building or "farmhouse" where we ate.

Right when you walk inside, you are greeted with an authentic "Catalan farm" feeling.  I loved it! 

Carles' mom and dad :) 

Gorgeous views of the moutains

This is my favorite shot of the day :)

Aleix and I- as you can see it was quite windy! 

A week later.. I was invited back to a different moutain with one of my old students, Marta, her husband & 2 children, her aunt, and cousin to eat calçots.  I hadn't seen Marta since the last time I was here so I was anxious to see her, meet her family, and of course enjoy a day in the moutains. 

Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures but I am pretty sure the calçots we had were some of the best yet!  I ate my entire plate and didn't stop there- pan con tomate and my main course which was a plate full of different kinds of meats.  AMAZING!  It was such a nice day and I am looking forward to babysitting Marta's children a few times a month and also teaching her husband English classes.  I am so thankful to have her & her family as they treat me like one of their own. 

We tried to hike around this mountain but the information center was closed so instead we found this one..

Thanks for reading!  Have a happy Wednesday! 


  1. Your pictures are absolutely stunning!

  2. Thank you so much Courtney! I found a really awesome free photo editing app that helps brighten the photos a bit :) I love it! Hope all is well with you and Josh!