Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Bunkers

As promised...(sorry I'm a few days late!) I am here to share with you the rest of my Valentine's weekend plus one of my new favorite places in this beautiful city I am lucky to call "home".

One of my favorite things about living in Barcelona is you can never ever run out of things to do.  There are always restaurants to be discovered, mountains to be climbed, and an endless amount of day trips to be taken.  I actually have a rather large list in my phone of places I want to go, eat at, and see.  One breathtaking place we went on Sunday can now be checked off that list; the Bunkers in a neighborhood called Carmel.

I heard about this place last time I was here, but never got around to going *big mistake*. This is a place that you will not find in the tourist books or on the Barcelona maps.  This makes it even more special because you will not have to fight huge crowds of annoying tourists to get a good view.  And don't forget to bring a bottle of wine or a few beers... :)

I'm pretty positive that no picture could do this place justice... But hey, this is my blog and I love to post pictures so here are a few of my favorites from that magical day :)

To top off our great weekend, Carles surprised me with an online Spanish course I will be fluent I will be fluent I will be fluent and on Monday I came home to this guy...!!!!

(A brand new awesome juicer to make fresh veggie/fruit juices!)

I guess convincing to take my meat-loving, anti-organic eating boyfriend to Flax & Kale really paid off!!!!!!! :)

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