Saturday, March 21, 2015


How has it been almost a month since I last blogged?  I feel like time is flying.  But what's new... That is a feeling I am far too familiar with.  I have been so busy lately and in one of those periods of life where I wish there were 48 hours in a day instead of 24.  You know those times when you are trying to workout more, cook healthier meals, pick up that book that's been laying on your nightstand for months, learn another language, plan more unique date nights, be more motivated in your job, keep in touch with your family and friends better, learn more about your hobbies like blogging and photography, make summer plans... etc... etc... And doing all of these things at one time.  Yeah, that's me this past month.  It's not easy.  Frankly, it's exhausting.  I'm exhausted even typing all that out.  Being the best person you can be is hard.  It takes sooooo much time, concentration, and motivation.  I love it but at the same time I'm tired and feel overwhelmed.  I love learning and growing but sometimes I just want to lay around all day and do absolutely nothing.  Does that make sense or am I just rambling?  Anyone else ever feel like this?

Regardless, I've been neglecting my blog lately and I don't like it.  I can't wait for "Semana Santa" aka Spring break to catch up on some posts and work on a few projects I have had in mind for quite some time now.  Stay tuned, friends!  I'm going to leave you with a few pictures I've managed to take within the midst of my whirlwind month of March that is already almost over! 

We went to Flax & Kale again and it was incrediblyamazingly delicious.  That's no surprise though... The grilled watermelon (1st pic) was to die for.  

Only in Barcelona can you walk into a party on a Friday night and they stick jewels on you and dump an entire pot of glitter on your head.  

Sometimes, on Sundays when you are walking to a "1 euro market" you find some cool graffiti walls and make your boyfriend pose in front of them ;)

Spending an evening under the moonlit sky by the sea is good for the soul... Just in case you were wondering. 

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