Saturday, May 23, 2015


Last year was full of high highs and low lows... One of the lows being exactly a year ago today when my Meme (my father's mom) passed away.  She was one strong willed, independent, opinionated, intelligent woman who we all miss dearly.

Her situation was almost exactly the opposite of my grandfather's (from my mom's side) who passed away just a few months before her.  My grandfather couldn't speak but was with us physically and Meme was completely here mentally but her body (mostly her lungs) weren't.  She spent each winter down in Cape Coral, Florida with my Aunt and this last year she was getting sicker and sicker and was even actually checked into a hospice home for a few weeks until she decided very strongly that that was NOT where she was going to spend her last few months of her life.  She got released and went back to my Aunts house which was actually where I saw her for the last time before she again insisted that she wasn't going to die somewhere that wasn't HER home.  By the grace of God they drove her home (16 hours by car with her being sick and needing medicine, care, etc) and she was able to pass away in her home exactly how she wanted. 

I remember the last time I saw her I sat in a chair across from the couch she was laying on and we talked for a few hours about many different things... Just her and I.  From all the reasons my dad drives us nuts (and how we still love him despite that) ;) to my life, my future, my direction, to our family and her life.  It was an amazing 2 hours that I will hold in my heart forever. 

She was so sharp and totally with it up until her very last minutes here... Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, reading the paper, watching golf, everything she has enjoyed doing her whole life.  This May she would have been 90.  I know she had a grand celebration in heaven with Papa.  

I love and miss her so much.  Thinking of you today and always, Meme. 

Our whole family at her memorial celebration

Till we meet again <3

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